The Famous James motorcycle 1897-1966

Keeping the old British Motorcycle manufacturer alive.

Welcome to the Famous James Motorcycle Club!


Welcome to the Famous James Motorcycle Club!

This website is the home of the Famous James Motorcycle Club and provides a focus for those that are interested in keeping the name, memories and products of this self-proclaimed ‘famous’ old British motorcycle manufacturer alive.

James motorcycles started in business way back in 1897 and continued production until 1966 when, like so many other British motorcycle manufacturers, their parent company AMC succumbed to the onslaught of Japanese imports following years of chronic investment and lack of development – and went bankrupt! 

Although James motorcycles (and their sister company within AMC, Francis-Barnett) may have lacked the glamour of some more exotic machines, they provided good everyday transport to thousands, and assisted the war effort during both world wars. The number of James motorcycles still in existence is dwindling, but there are still good examples out there and a hardy bunch of enthusiast who are keen to maintain, restore and ride them. Though hardly the faster motorcycles in the world, they can be tremendous fun and are often far easier to work on than many others.

The aim of this site is to provide a forum for all those interested in James motorcycles to pool information; ask questions; share knowledge; source, swap or sell components or full machines – or just talk about anything related to James motorcycles.

If you are in need of a quick question answering, please go to the ‘Talk James’ section where you can communicate with the rest of the group quickly and efficiently.


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